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When you are using http://homesbooking.co.uk/ in any means, whether you are an owner of a property or an agent to property or you are placing an advertisement to the website in any means. You are bound to the terms and condition of the website whenever you are using or accessing it.
Please thoroughly read and understand each of our terms and condition. When you are on our website it is clear that you accept all the Terms of Use of the website. You are not allowed on the website if you do not agree the terms and condition.

One can trust Homesbooking for getting detailed information about rentals, villas, apartments and other variety of holiday resorts. It is a platform that served with relevant information of property rentals that are available worldwide. With homesbooking one can get hundred of choices of holiday rentals.

With us you can be sure of selecting a desired home for you that has best facilities as we have specialized team to work for you day and night. With us you can get best holiday homes in all parts of world. This holiday homes are far better than those available cheap hotels to enjoy your luxury times with. Not only one or two we provide a list of holiday rentals in several parts of world to select from. Although our executive manages all the information they gather about various holiday homes and also altogether display the best for your benefit on our websites. We just act as a mediator for providing relevant information and are not linked with the rental by any means.
The photographs and details included on the website is just the gather information and we do not conduct any inspection of the property. We do also help in facilitating the transaction between the Advertiser and the Holiday maker but we are not involved to it in any means. We also do not guarantee the relevancy and accuracy of the rent property and the wholesome responsibility of the holiday rentals lie within the owner.

Material on our site

All the right of content, information, copyright, trademarks and the design included on our site belongs either to the company, our licensors or our Advertisers in all means,
You can use the content of our website for booking and other purposes for using our websites but you are not allowed to reproduce, copy, modify, save or transmit any data or material available on our site in any means without the prior written consent and permission from the owner of the website.
Any advertisers or Holiday makers are not authorized to use any information available on our site for their personal use of marketing or advertising purposes. If any such deed has been found and this will be treated unauthorized and in such cases proper actions will be taken. We also have authority to exclude certain information of some holiday rental if we find it irrelevant and we may also restrict someone to continue to use are website further if something irrelevant is observed.

Your safety

You care is your hand. We cannot guarantee any nature of transaction over internet and thus any risks involved in any booking or relation between the holiday maker and the owner is not our responsibility and thus we suggest proceeding with care and your own judgment when using our site.


Any contract or booking done between the owner and the holiday maker and between the holiday maker and the Advertiser is their own responsibilities and we are not linked to any such contract in any means.

Remember that any claim or dispute you have with the owner of the property or the advertiser we are not responsible for its settlement.
We are just a party to provide online platform for payment, information and booking facility but we are not linked to cancellation or claim of any such disputes in any means. We do provide several online payments gateway but we do have sole right to change or withdraw any such platform at any time without any prior notice.
It is advisable that user thoroughly go through our policies before doing any transaction using our website. When you use our website you agree to condition that we are not liable to settle against any claims, actions, proceedings, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses by you.

Cancelling of the entry

An owner or the advertiser may cancel to appear their relevant information to appear on our website any times but to do so he is required to draft an application for requesting to delete the entry. After we receive the request we do not require few hours or days to execute within the same.

Our limitation of liability and responsibility

We are not liable for the information submitted to us by rentals owners or advertisers we are just the publishers to such information. We are not the owner and thus we do not explicit any warranty for any such information included on our website.
For our users we request advertisers and owners to present all information regarding the properties truthfully, fairly and accurately. We do take responsible measures to exclude the information that is irrelevant and improper and we also accept clients complain in the same aspect. That is if someone feels that any content included on our website is irrelevant, discriminatory, defamatory or illegal than you can notify us by sending the details and reason for its irrelevancy. We will try to execute on your request of removal of such information from our website.
We are liable to exclude such information from our website but are not liable to settle any such claims or disputes.